Joan Parker

Sr Joan Parker RNDM

Sr Joan Parker RNDM

BA  (Auckland)
DipRE   (Manila)
MA RelStud   (Spokane, Washington)

Tutor in English


I was born in Hawkes Bay and brought up in the Waikato. I am a Mission Sister with a teaching background. I studied English language and literature at Auckland University. My earlier career was in secondary school teaching. I then moved into religious education work, principally with adults. I trained as an Adult Literacy Tutor through the Adult Literacy Association of Hawkes Bay, and worked in this area for a few years. Most recently I have been involved in the writing and editing of programmes in faith education. This involved me in attending a number of international consultations on Adult Religious Education. In my spare time I write poetry and grow herbs in my garden.

I was on the National Liturgy Commission for a number of years and helped produce the New Zealand “Exploring the Liturgy” programme.

Research Interests:
Biblical Spirituality – from the gospel exegesis to poetical insight

Published Articles and Poems:
Godsong” in Embracing God’s World, Joyce Huggett. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1996.

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