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Msgr John Broadbent

Tim Costello

Fr Tim Costello SM

Alois Greiler

Fr Alois Greiler SM

Catherine Jones

Sr Catherine Jones SMSM

Hugh Laracy

Hugh Laracy

Jessie Munro

Jessie Munro


Catholic Beginnings in Oceania:
Marist Missionary Perspectives


Preface - Alois Greiler

Marist Beginnings in Oceania

1. Beyond the Horizon! The Suva Colloquium 2007 (....3)

Rafaele Qalovi SM

2. The Early Marist Missionaries in Fiji and in the Pacific (.....4)

Ratu Filimone Ralogaivau

3. Studying Colin, the Marists, the Catholic Church and Western Oceania (....7)

Alois Greiler SM

4. Presentation of Lettres reçues d'Océanie (....26)

Charles Girard SM

  Colin and the Oceania mission

5. Colin and the Congregation of Propaganda Fide in Rome (....31)

Carlo-Maria Schianchi SM

6. Colin and the European Powers in the Pacific (....61)

John Broadbent

7. Colin and Pompallier and the Founding of the Catholic Church in New Zealand (.... 73)

Jessie Munro

8. Colin and Melanesia (.... 98)

Hugh Laracy

The Marist Family in the Pacific

9. The Contribution of the Marist Teaching Brothers and the Marist Coadjutor Brothers to the Foundation of the Catholic Church in Western Oceania (.... 121)

Edward Clisby FMS

10. Jean-Claude Colin and Women Missionaries (.... 141)

Catherine Jones SMSM

Theology, Context, Personality

11. The Work of Mary versus the Works of the Devil. The Ecclesiology of the Early Marist Missionaries (.... 166)

Mervyn Duffy SM

12. The Clash of Cultures. French, English, Catholic and Oceanic Cultures Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (.... 182)

Mikaele Paunga SM

13. The Personality of Jean-Claude Colin, Superior General (.... 214)

Timothy Costello SM

14. Marist Approaches to Mission : Then and Now (.... 235)

Gerard Hall SM


15. Catholic Beginnings in Oceania ( .... 253)

Declan Marmion SM/Alois Greiler SM

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The Contributors

John Vincent Broadbent , Catholic priest of Wellington diocese, New Zealand ; after parish work he obtained a doctorate in 1976 (Leuven); lectured church history in New Zealand and Fiji .

Edward Clisby FMS , Marist brother, New Zealand , engaged in historical research for his congregation. He translated the letters of the first Marist brothers in Oceania .

Timothy Costello SM, New Zealand Marist, involved in formation of religious and priests. Since 2002 he teaches at the Institute of Psychology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome . He also teaches in Melbourne and Auckland . More

Mervyn Duffy SM, Marist priest from New Zealand . After teaching in secondary schools, he has obtained a doctorate from the Gregorian University in Rome . He lectures in theology at Good Shepherd College , Auckland . More

Ratu Filimone Ralogaivau , Fiji , a chief from the island of Vanua Levu, Bua province, and member of the council of chiefs of Fiji .

Charles Girard SM , Marist from the USA . He holds a doctorate in French literature. After pastoral work and teaching, he edited the documents on the history of the Third Order of Mary (1993) and 1300 letters of the Marist missionaries from Oceania , 1836 to 1854.

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Alois Greiler SM , German Marist. After pastoral work he obtained a doctorate from Louvain ( Belgium ) in 1998 on Vatican II. At present he works as Marist historian in Rome .

Gerard Hall SM , Associate Professor of Theology at Australian Catholic University , Brisbane , Qld, is editor of the Australian eJournal of Theology. He specializes in interreligious dialogue.

Catherine Jones SMSM , Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary. She holds a degree in education (USP, Fiji ) and a Masters degree in Church History (CUA, Washington DC ).

Hugh Laracy is Associate Professor in the History Department of the University of Auckland, New Zealand. In 2005, he won the John Dunmore Medal for 30 years of research (with a special focus on the Society of Mary in Oceania ). He published widely in this field.

Declan Marmion SM , Marist priest from Ireland with a doctorate in theology from the Catholic University of Louvain ( Belgium ). He is lecturing in the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Dublin, Ireland . He published on Karl Rahner SJ.

Jessie Munro , New Zealand , where she teaches French and researches religious history. In 1997 her biography of Mother Aubert won the Montana New Zealand Book Award.

Mikaele Paunga SM , Marist priest from Tonga . He worked in parishes and formation. After his doctorate (Gregoriana, Rome ) he is now teaching at the Pacific Regional Seminary, Suva , Fiji . He published on local theologies and Vatican II.

Rafaele Qalovi SM , Fiji/Rome, assistant general of the Society of Mary.

Carlo-Maria Schianchi SM , Italian Marist. He did pastoral work in Italy and Venezuela . He is the archivist of his congregation in Rome and gives retreats in Italy and abroad.

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The Publisher

ATF Press is the publishing imprint of the Australasian Theological Forum Inc and the ATF Literary Fund. It publishes theological literature in a variety of media.

As an independent and ecumenical commercial publisher, the Press shares the same aims, objectives, constitution and Statement of Intent as the Australasian Theological Forum Inc and the Australasian Theological Forum Literary Fund.

The Press maintains the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in all of its activities.

A central aim of the Press is to make theological literature accessible to a wide range of readers, both in terms of price and content. (See their website for more information).

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