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Good Shepherd College website

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Page Password Policy

URL How to pay your GSC account online

How to pay your GSC account online (log-in required)

Folder College Documents

College Documents

Folder All you need to know about Moodle

These quick tip sheets introduce you to the basics of Moodle.

All you really need to learn is how to get to your course page, open files left there by your lecturer, reply to the lecturers’ questions in either a forum or quiz, upload and collect your assignment online.

File Formal Complaint, Grievances and Appeals Procedures for Students

In any community there will be misunderstandings and disagreements from time to time.     Most of these misunderstandings and disagreements can be addressed in a face to face conversation between the parties involved.   Steps such as those described in Matthew’s Gospel 18:15-20 are most appropriate in Good Shepherd College.

 In the event, however, that a student judges that a matter is more serious or that it cannot be addressed appropriately in a face to face conversation, he or she is free to make a formal complaint.   If a formal complaint is made, the following procedures are to be followed as outlined in the word document attached.

File Sem 2 2020WeeklyTimetable
File 2020 Student Writing Guidelines

Your essential companion with details on referencing and assignment writing

File 2021 s1 Info - papers, timetable

Information on Semester 1 2021

URL Click here to find out how to find out what study support is available & how to get hold of course materials in Moodle.
URL CLICK HERE to raise ACADEMIC matters

Student Rep will raise the matters you post here in the Board of Studies meeting.  Any matters that affect academic courses and general learning can be added to the agenda, ranging from timetables, assignment and/or exam schedules, quality of teaching to changes in course content.

URL CLICK HERE to post non-academic matters for the Adminstrative Committee
At the Administrative Committee meeting Emily Mahuire discusses matters relating to physical resources, facilities and infrastructure utilised by students.
URL CLICK HERE to request an EXTENSION of time for an assessment task