College Handbooks

The Enrolment Guide provides all the information you will need to enrol at Good Shepherd College and it lists the papers that are available in 2020.

Here is the link to the draft 2020 Enrolment Guide

The other guides below will be updated towards the end of 2019. However, the substance will be very similar apart from dates and courses.


You will need this information to plan your   course, complete your application and check you meet admission requirements. 

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The Student Guide aims to give you an idea of what to expect when studying at Good Shepherd College and how to access academic and study support.


It also introduces you to the basics of the College online learning website, Moodle.

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The aim of the Student Writing Guide is to ensure you are familiar with the specific regulations or rules on the format, structure and presentation of written work that you will be marked on.

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SCD Critical Incident Policy and Procedures:  This policy relates to critical incidents directly involving staff and/or students on any SCD campus – GSC is an offshore campus.

SCD Critical Incident Policy June 2019