Online Learning

Both distance and on-campus students use this web based learning system, Moodle to access to course-related materials, to hand-in their assignments and later collect their marks and to complete online activities set by the lecturer.

The computer requirements for running Moodle are modest as are the computer skills students require to gain access to course related materials.  Click on this link to answer more of your questions about Moodle.


When you enrol in a distance course you’ll find a whole team behind you to help you succeed.

Distance students are required to contribute to at least 10 (out of 12 weeks) of online tasks set by the course lecturer in the week concerned. i.e. at minimum, 80% attendance is required.


For each course, plan for 10 hours per week on course work and associated reading.

  • 3 hours are allocated to class times i.e. on-campus lectures or studying lecture notes/ powerpoint presentations or DVD’s if a distance student.
  • 7 hours for personal study including accessment tasks.


There will usually be three assessment tasks for each paper, a combination of:

  • internal assessment throughout the semester (e.g. essay, critical review, presentation) and;
  • examination, either written or oral, held in the exam week.