Merger of Good Shepherd with The Catholic Institute (TCI)

The Good Shepherd College (GSC)  is still in the process of merging with Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand (TCI).

The merger is taking place so that a number of Catholic teaching and learning institutes  and placed under the same umbrella organisation. The umbrella organisation is Te Kupenga. A Governance Board has been established and has had two meetings  before the end of January 2020 with another one planned for February 2020

The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa-New Zealand and Good Shepherd College are  in the process of being combined into one new institute. The name of the new institute which has been decided by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference (NZCBC) is Catholic Theological College.

Present students will be able to complete the programme of studies that they have embarked on.

A new website  and a new logo will be created soon for the combined institute.

Click here for the website of  Catholic Institute of Aoteaora New Zealand (TCI)

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