Planning your studies

Understanding how the undergraduate degree and diploma work, their majors, subjects, papers and specialisations is important when you are planning your study.

What’s the recommended programme? Where should I start?

The Graduate Diploma is deliberately a very flexible award consisting of eight papers and there is no “recommended programme”, except that we do insist on T7101 Introduction to Theology and following some basic rules or guidelines.

The Bachelor of Theology is a more structured programme consisting of 24 papers.  You should ensure that your papers are appropriate for your intended qualification by referring to the planning guide.



If you need help deciding what programme might be right for you, or what courses to take, contact  Rev Dr Merv Duffy SM

He can also give you advice on progress to completion, graduation, credit for previous study, changing programmes, progression between qualifications, as well as advice on planning and sequencing your paper choices.