Rocio Figueroa

Rocia Alvear

Dr Rocio Figueroa

BTh (Philosophy and Theology Pontifical Faculty of Theology and Civil de Lima) 
LTh (Philosophy and Theology Pontifical Faculty of Theology and Civil de Lima
STD (Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome)

Lecturer in Theology



Born in Lima.

Research Interests

Specialises in issues related to woman’s studies, and reciprocity between men and women. Achievements in the Holy See as responsible for the Women’s section in the Pontifical Council of Laity (specifically creating networks between the different international catholic associations which promote the dignity and value of women).


2017: “Listening to Male Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse: Voices from Survivors of Sodalicio Abuses in Peru” in The Canonist vol 8, no. 1, 135-167.

2016: Rocio Figueroa has been a researcher at the University of Otago Centre for Theology and Public Issues during 2016. – with David Tombs : Listening to Male Survivors of Church Sexual Abuse: Voices from Survivors of Sodalicio Abuses in Peru

2015: “El Gran Misterio” chapter in Jorge L. Navarro ed., Glosas a la Carta a las familias de Juan Pablo II, Mexico: Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, 144-156.

2015:  Covenant of Love – Fuentes, Ed Covenant of Love – Mexico City

2014: “The reciprocità a ermeneutica chiave per familiare systemic therapy” in:

2013: Odd Couple? Man and woman, equal or different? UPAEP, Puebla 2013.

2011: Towards the truth of myself, Mexico City, 2011.

2010: “Il Christocentrism rivela i Valori femminili propriamente” Bollettino di Dottrina Sociale della Chiesa – Observatorio Internazionale Card. Van Thuan – VI (2010), pp. 47-50.

2009: “The lay dimension and soul stations in Concepcion Cabrera de Armida”,Proceedings of the Centenary of the Covenant of Love, Mexico City 2009

2008: “The creative woman of a new culture in times of crisis” in: Third International Congress of Spirituality of the Cross, ed. 2008.

2007: “Mercy: I riconciliazione with cammino di Dio, with noi stessi and with gli altri in Santa Faustina Kowalska”, published in. Tempo di Misericordia, ed, Associazione Dives in Misericordia, Editions Granum Synapse 2007, pp. 153-178.

2004: I no sense in pain? Christological reflections, Circle Meeting, Lima

2004: C’è sens on the dolore? Riflessioni cristologiche, Circolo d ‘Incontro, Rome 2004.

2003: “Mary, Mother of peace and social reconciliation” in Mary, Star of the New Evangelization. Mariano Congress. 8 to 10 August 2003, Life and spirituality, Lima 2003.

2003: “The pilgrimage of Brother Bartholomew Lorenzo de José de Acosta” Life and Spirituality, January-April 2003.

2002: “Juan Diego, an apostle of Reconciliation ‘nel Giornale” The People”.
“Canonized Padre Pio, a saint of the extraordinary” Giornale di nel Medellin, Colombia, June 16, 2002.

2001: “The Christology in Dominus Iesus”, Rivista: “Life and Spirituality” n. 48.

Main Conferences

“Learning to give and receive family” Training workshop for trainers municipal DIF State, Puebla, in July 2014.

“Reciprocity, a hermeneutical key for systemic family therapy” at the International Congress of Family Systemic Therapy, Guadalajara June 20, 2014.

“Female and male in the family”, Second Conference CEFAS: Woman and Man in the Family, Puebla March 25, 2014.

“The rights of women” at the Forum organized by the State DIF in the International Women’s Day, DIF State, Puebla March 8, 2014.

“Reciprocity, an answer for reconciliation family and work”, DIF State, Puebla, October 2013

“More than half orange” Mexico Institute of Puebla, Puebla 6 June 2013.

“Machismo and Women ‘s Liberation” in the 6th International Congress of New Homes Children Movement, Puebla October 12, 2012.

“Complementarity woman and man” in the XII International Meeting of Cultural diversity “Gender and Feminism in Perspective”, Puebla 8-10 November 2011.

“Towards the truth about myself. Reflections on humility” conferences in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Mexico City, San Luis Potosi.

“The feminine vision as a structuring element of society” UPAEP Puebla November 9, 2009.

“The lay dimension in the light of Concepcion Cabrera de Armida” Covenant of Love Centennial, Puebla November 7, 2009.

“Best practices in the family”, in: European Family Congress, Rome 2007.

What conference is the Catholic intellectual tradition and what is ITS place in the curricula of the Catholic university?, Meeting of the University of La Salle, Rome 2007.

“The spiritualità dell’azione” Salvatoriani Laici italiani, Sanctuary of Divine Love, 1 aprile 2006.

“Dignità and missione della Donna” Circolo d’Incontro Salerno 2006.

“Mary Speranza nostra” Circolo Don Emilio, Rome, 19 gennaio 2005.

“Mercy, riconciliazione with cammino di Dio, with noi stessi and with gli altri nel pensiero di Santa Faustina Kowalska” Segreteria della dell’Apostolato Diocesan Divine Mercy, Primaziale Cattedrale di Salerno, 30 gennaio 2005.

“La verità rende liberi” FUCI per all’Università di Salerno-Italy, 20 maggio 2005.

“The risurrezione and Christian vita”, CEC, Santiago del Cile, August 11, 2005.

“C’è dolore nel senso?” Circolo d’Incontro, Bonus Pastor – Rome, 20 febbraio 2004.

Dibattito “The Passion, in un mondo che changes” Università di Fisciano-Italy, 30 aprile 2004.

Conference on suffering, Building “Chambers” Guayaquil – Ecuador, August 24, 2004.

“The truth shall make you free” conference organized by the Cultural Association Meeting Circle. Lima, July 18, 2003.

“Mary, Mother of peace and social reconciliation” in Mary, Star of the New Evangelization.Mariano Congress. Lima, August 8 to 10, 2003.

“Is there sense in pain? Theological perspective suffering”. Conference organized by the Japanese Cultural Center and the Circle Cultural Association Meeting. 11 April 2002. Lima.

“Le sfide della Educazione Cristiana” Seminar teachers of the Lyceum S. Giuseppe Caburlotto. Rome. 4-5 September 2000.

“Current problems of Christology” Seminar Lima, 2000.

“Challenges of the New Evangelization, view from Europe”. Debate chaired by former Minister of Education of Peru, Dr. Eduardo Cardo. Marie Domus, Rome, December 21, 1999.

“The Church, mystery of communion.” Days of spirituality, Auditorium Magister. Lima, Feb. 5, 1998.

“Associations and Ecclesial Movements” Participation in the debate organized in Lima with the participation of various lay movements, Aug. 6, 1997.

“The encounter with others. Exegesis of Jn. 13”. Lima, Feb. 20, 1995.