Weekly Timetable

When reading the timetable be aware that each course has 3 hours of lectures each week.

Click on the links below to view onscreen or to print a copy of various timetables.

Weekly Timetable Semester Two 2020

How long is a lecture?

The ‘lecture-hour’ is 50 minutes (from 5 minutes after the clock hour to 5 minutes before the clock hour). Each of our papers has three lecture hours in a week.  The most common is a combination of one single (1 hour) lecture and a double (2-hour) lecture – although there can be exceptions.

Are lecture notes online?

Yes. Distance students should allocate 3 hours each week to reading lecture notes, and/or watching the lecturers’ powerpoint presentations.

How many hours should a student spend outside of the classroom?

All students should expect to spend an additional 7 hours each week, per course. on personal study including reading and assessment tasks.

 Weekly Timetable Semester One 2020