The Trinity

Stage Three

TitleThe Trinity
Pre-requisitesOne T7100 paper
LecturerMerv Duffy
NZ Credit ValueNZQA NQF Level 7 (15 credits)
AUS Credit ValueTEQSA AQF Level 7 (9 credit points)
Duration12 teaching weeks + 2 weeks study & exams + Assignment week + mid-semester break. For more details check the Academic Calendar
Course Unit OutlineSydney College of Divinity course description
Fees (NZ$)See the Fees Guide
DescriptionThe purpose of this unit is to focus exclusively on, and examine systematically, the Church's teaching on the mystery of the Holy Trinity, a doctrine that stands at the very heart of Christian belief. In so doing it will want to demonstrate the profound soteriological and existential consequences of this doctrine to the way Christians live their life.
Lecturer's IntroductionAll Christians believe that the one God is three persons. Here we look at why this understanding came about and how it developed and what the consequences are.