The Reformers and the Reformation

Stage Three

TitleThe Reformers and the Reformation
Pre-requisitesOne paper (15 NZQA credits) in Church History
LecturerMayte Ramos
NZ Credit ValueNZQA NQF Level 7 (15 credits)
AUS Credit ValueTEQSA AQF Level 7 (9 credit points)
Duration12 teaching weeks + 2 weeks study & exams + Assignment week + mid-semester break. For more details check the Academic Calendar
Course Unit OutlineSydney College of Divinity course description
Fees (NZ$)See the Fees Guide
DescriptionThis course unit introduces students to the European Reformations of the sixteenth century as a development in history of universal importance. It also introduces students to the leading figures, theological concerns and key events of the period, and helps them to recognise the complexity of interpreting events shaped by differing religious, economic, social and political contexts.
Lecturer's IntroductionIn this course we seek to provide an accurate account of the religious movement known as the “Protestant Reformation”, which divided Christian Europe, and the Catholic Church’s response, the so-called “Counter-Reformation”.