Timothy Costello

Photo of Fr Tim

Rev Dr Tim Costello SM

A.T.C.L.  (London)
BA  (Victoria)
Psych.D  (Gregorian)
Registered Psychologist (NZ)

Lecturer in Pastoral Psychology

E-mail: costello@gsc.ac.nz

I am a priest of the Society of Mary. After some years of parish ministry, I studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome for the degrees of Licence (1985) and Doctorate (1998) in psychology. In 1990 I was a peritus at the Eighth Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the topic of the formation of priests. I was a full-time lecturer at the Gregorian University from 2002-2013 attached to the Institute of Psychology, the Centre for the Preparation of Seminary Educators (C.I.F.S.), and the doctoral program in Jurisprudence in the Faculty of Canon Law. Since 2014 I have been a full-time lecturer at Good Shepherd College in Auckland teaching in the area of pastoral theology and ministry. In recent years I have contributed to professional formation of the staff at the National Seminary of the Catholic Church in China (Beijing).

Research Interests:

  • The religious significance of food to medieval mystics.
  • The contribution of psychology to a correct understanding of Canon 1095.
  • Resilience and optimism as expressions of the virtue of hope.
  • Psychology in the magisterium of Pope Pius XII.
  • Problems in the use of psychology in canonical jurisprudence.
  • The thin line between genius, creativity, and insanity.
  • Generations X, Y, and Z as candidates for priestly formation.
  • Second generation Vietnamese seminarians in Australia and the USA.
  • The transformation of the Catholic Church in NZ by the arrival of recent migrants.


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