Selected Themes in Canon Law

Stage Three

TitleSelected Themes in Canon Law
LecturersBrendan Daly
NZ Credit ValueNZQA NQF Level 7 (15 credits)
AUS Credit ValueTEQSA AQF Level 7 (9 credit points)
Duration12 teaching weeks + 2 weeks study & exams + Assignment week + 2 weeks mid-semester break. For more details check the Academic Calendar
Course Unit OutlineSydney College of Divinity course description
Fees (NZ$)See the Fees Guide
DescriptionThis course unit serves as the primary way of acquainting students with the canonical tradition of the Church in the non-sacramental areas of Church life. As such, it is a particular expression of the theology of Church studied in Systematic and Pastoral Theology.
Lecturer's IntroductionCanon law is a practical applicaton of the official theology of the Catholic Church.