David Legg









Dr David Legg


Lecturer in Philosophy


As an educator my main interest is in teaching students to think philosophically.

In 1962, I began reading Philosophy at Auckland University, then went to Australia to join the Dominicans, where I developed my understanding of philosophy and theology through the study of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. In 1970, I went to the University of Otago and later to the University of Canterbury, where I completed masters degrees in World Religions and Philosophy.

I then taught for 30 years in secondary schools and adult education courses, in Canada and New Zealand. In 2003, after completing a PhD in Philosophy, I became Head of Religious Studies at St Peters College in Auckland.

I am married, we have two adult sons, and we live at Scotts Landing north of Auckland. I now enjoy teaching students “Ancient and Early Medieval Philosophy” at Good Shepherd College.