Christian Spiritual Wisdom

Stage Three

TitleChristian Spiritual Wisdom
LecturerElizabeth Snedden
NZ Credit ValueNZQA NQF Level 7 (15 credits)
AUS Credit ValueTEQSA AQF Level 7 (9 credit points)
Duration12 teaching weeks + 2 weeks study & exams + Assignment week + mid-semester break. For more details check the Academic Calendar
Course Unit OutlineSydney College of Divinity course description
Fees (NZ$)See the Fees Guide
DescriptionThis course unit presents a developed and critical survey of the major historical schools of spirituality and prayer within the Western Christian Spiritual Tradition with particular reference to their writers and texts and explores their contribution to their contemporary expression of Christian Spirituality.
Lecturer's IntroductionA scribe well-versed in the kingdom of God is like a householder who brings forth from his store treasures old and new. This course introduces you to the classic writings of the saints and mystics of the Church, and the taonga they have left as their legacy are your spiritual heritage.