Bachelor of Theology

In NZQA speak it is a level 7 award of 360 credit points or 24 papers.

A full-time student does 120 credits in a year.  That is four papers or 60 credit points each semester.  All our papers are the same size, 15 credit points.

  • 4 papers x 15 credits = 60 credits in a semester.
  • There are two semesters in a year 60 + 60 = 120 credit points.

Part-time or distance students will take longer to complete the degree as there are limits to the number of papers students can take each semester.  This ensures a reasonable workload.

  • Distance students can study 1 or 2 papers per semester.
  • Part-time study is considered to be 1, 2 or 3 papers per semester.

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What is the recommended programme?

The Bachelor of Theology is a structured programme of study which has compulsory papers, and have specific rules guiding the selection of papers to fulfil the requirements.  Further information can be found in the Planning Your Studies tab.

    • Compulsory First Major: Theology
    • Compulsory Second Major in either Humanities in the Christian Tradition or Christian Life and Ministry
    • Compulsory Sub-Major in Biblical Studies


What papers should I start with?

It is expected that students start off their Bachelor of Theology award with the 100-level papers, which are normally the prerequisites for the 200-level or 300-level papers.

The following compulsory first year papers are a good place to start.

T7101 Introduction to Theology  for the First-Major

B7110 Introduction to Biblical Studies  for the Sub-Major


What background do I need?

Applicants must have a University Entrance qualification or seek special admission if 21 years of age or over.

Can I get recognition for previous academic study (Recognition of Prior Learning)?

Yes, on your enrolment form you will be asked if you have done previous tertiary studies. Provide the details and certified copies of transcripts and check the ‘Yes’ box after the question “Would you like to apply for credit for previous study?”

This information is sent to the Catholic Institute of Sydney who present it to the Student Support and Administration Committee for a decision. This process can take some months and is only done for students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Theology.


What is the next step?

Now that you’ve decided upon the qualification you want to study towards, the next step is to select the papers that will help you complete your Bachelor’s degree.

If you have already selected papers you’re ready to enrol now.

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