New Book Published by John Owens


New publication – September 2019 by John Owens

In Rorty, Religion, and Metaphysics, John Owens offers a superb engagement with Richard Rorty’s thought that patiently considers the challenges that Rorty offers to religion, ethics, and metaphysics. Far from drawing any easy conclusions, Owens invites readers to interrogate their own assumptions. This book is rigorous, exceptionally well written, and genuinely a pleasure to read. For those interested in not only figuring out what Rorty claims, but what should be claimed about religion after Rorty, this book sets a new standard.— Endorsement from J. Aaron Simmons

One might think there is little to add to our understanding of Richard Rorty’s sharply critical attitude to both metaphysics and religion. John Owens compellingly shows in Rorty, Religion, and Metaphysics that this is not the case. Engaging with Rorty’s core works as well as some less well-known writings, he examines the key Rortyan view that metaphysics remains committed to the religious idea of human answerability to something non-human but moves far beyond the standard opposition between metaphysics and pragmatism. This rich and original book considers, among other things, what kind of religious attitudes might be possible within a pragmatist framework and plausibly argues that Rorty a pragmatism needs to deal with the concept of recognition.—Endorsement from Sami Pihlström

John Owens Lectures in Philosophy at Good Shepherd College

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