Study Options

Here you’ll find information on the two programmes of studies that the College offers:

Bachelor of Theology

Graduate Diploma in Theology

Both are at undergraduate level and both offer a variety of ways you can undertake your studies; full-time or part-time, on-campus or by-distance.


What is a programme of study?

A programme of study leads to a qualification.  At Good Shepherd College you can either study towards a Bachelor of Theology or Graduate Diploma in Theology.

Each qualification is made up of a number of courses that the College refers to as papers.

The Bachelor’s degree is a structured award that consists of 24 papers.

The diploma is a more flexible programme made up of 8 papers.


How long do the awards take to complete?

The time it takes to complete a qualification is dependent upon the number of papers you can take each semester.  

Bachelor of Theology DEGREE: generally take three years of full-time study, although there are other options.

If you are interested in studying part-time (either on-campus or by-distance) this means taking fewer courses per semester until 24 papers are completed.

Graduate DIPLOMA in Theology:  The eight papers that make up the diploma can be completed in:

      • One year of full-time study as an on-campus student,  or
      • Minimum of 2 years if studying by-distance, or
      • Minimum of 18 months if a part-time student studying on-campus

Please note that papers are completed each semester and the tertiary year consists of two semesters.


What background do I need?

The Graduate Diploma in Theology requires a degree-level qualification to gain admission.

For the Bachelor of Theology Degree you must either have a University Entrance qualification or seek special admission if 21 years of age or over.

While general admission is based on your previous qualifications and results, special admission to the degree is available if you are 21 years or over and do not have a recognised University Entrance qualification, but have relevant work and life experience.


What if I’m not interested in a full qualification?

Taking individual papers only is not an option at Good Shepherd College.  We’d suggest contacting Walk by Faith about their NCRS programme.