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The Career for you! – BTheology is suitable for Secondary Teaching!

After a recent NZ Catholic Education Office (NZCEO) meeting with the NZ Education Council, Good Shepherd College is delighted to announce that its Bachelor of Theology degree is now recognized as a “suitable qualification for entry to secondary teacher training”.  The Council recognizes that “every Catholic School has Religious Education as part of their programme […]

Come and find out what our seminarians are being taught about spirituality!

Sr Elizabeth Snedden, lecturer in Pastoral Theology at Good Shepherd College, will be giving a lecture at the Mercy Spirituality Centre on Wednesday, 7 March 2018 from 10am-12noon. In this Muffin Meeting (the $15 cost includes morning tea), participants will be encouraged to discover the action of God in their own lives, and to trust […]

Former student

Good Shepherd College was saddened to hear of the death of former student, Graeme Blackburn, who was killed in a road accident Monday evening in Christchurch. Graeme was a student at GSC from 2011 until mid 2017, & was ordained to the priesthood on 1 July 2017. Good Shepherd College expresses its deepest sympathy to […]

Sr Elizabeth has dedicated her latest book ‘To all students with questions’

Sr Elizabeth Snedden, lecturer in Pastoral Theology,  has dedicated her latest book, The Eros of the Human Spirit, ‘to all students with questions’. In the foreword Frederick G. Lawrence expresses that “the originality, comprehensiveness, and delicacy of Snedden’s writing is astonishing; it is hard to imagine what a challenging task it would have been to […]

Father Costello in Vietnam

Father Costello in Vietnam As part of my sabbatical research, I spent several weeks in the Diocese of Vinh in northern Vietnam during January 2017. The earliest evangelizers here were Portuguese and then French missionaries in the 17th century. The Church here today is very vibrant in its faith, is blessed with many vocations to […]

Free App for Student Study Skills

A FREE app has been developed for first year university students. Using short videos, the Uni Tune In app gives handy hints on active listening, understanding, assessment, reading research papers, academic writing and much, much more. The videos are integrated into the app so that no internet connection is needed. The free Uni Tune In […]

Where you can learn about Christian Ethics

which will inform your conscience

Where you can study Christology

which is all about the person and the work of Jesus Christ

Where you can study Liturgy

the ‘work of the people’

Where you can study Canon Law

how Church teachings are implemented in practice