Good Shepherd College is open to all students, resident in New Zealand, who wish to study theology (and its related disciplines) in the Catholic tradition.

Student Guide

The Student Guide aims to give you an idea of what to expect when studying at Good Shepherd College and how to access academic and study support.

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It also introduces you to the basics of the College online learning website, Moodle.

Enrolments for 2020 are now open

Enrolments for 2020 are now open.  [Enrolments were to close on November 22, 2019; but will  be available for a time in late January 2020]

Current students:       Enrol on Moodle (First Page) 

List of courses available for  Semester One 2020  and Semester Two can be seen on webpage under ‘Papers for BTh and Grad Dip Th’.

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New Book Published by John Owens


New publication – September 2019 by John Owens

In Rorty, Religion, and Metaphysics, John Owens offers a superb engagement with Richard Rorty’s thought that patiently considers the challenges that Rorty offers to religion, ethics, and metaphysics. Far from drawing any easy conclusions, Owens invites readers to interrogate their own assumptions. This book is rigorous, exceptionally well written, and genuinely a pleasure to read. For those interested in not only figuring out what Rorty claims, but what should be claimed about religion after Rorty, this book sets a new standard.— Endorsement from J. Aaron Simmons

Update on Use of Studiosity – new feature called – “CITATION”

Studiosity is now available 24 hours seven days a week. [24/7]

Studiosity  has a new feature which will  show up next time you use it – called “CITATION

When you submit your assignment for review, Studiosity compares it with a large number of other documents on the web.

It will then alert you (in your feed back) to the fact that you may need to insert a citation (footnote) for the words you have used.  It seems to tell you just where you need to show this  and gives some suggestions about how to do it.

It is always provided when you submit an assignment but you may not wish to use it.

Thus in the ‘Writing Feedback’ service, you will now get additional help offered for your citations.




Recent Ordinations

Three graduates have been ordained to the Priesthood in the months July and August 2019.


Fr. Vui Houng was ordained in Palmerston North Cathedral on 29th June.

He has taken up ministry in Taranaki



Fr. Matthew Gibson will be ordained in Hamilton Cathedral on 31st August.He will tsake up an appointment at the cathedral.



Fr Martin Wu was ordained in the Cathedral in Auckland on 10th August.

He has taken up ministry in Takapuna parish in Auckland.

Merger of Good Shepherd with The Catholic Institute (TCI)

The Good Shepherd College (GSC)  is in the process of merging with Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand (TCI).

The name of the new institute is yet to be decided by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference (NZCBC).

Present students will be able to complete the programme of studies that they have embarked on.

A new website will be created for the combined institute once a decision on the name and logo has been made. At present, our websites will have links to corresponding places on the website of the other institute.

Click here for the website of  Catholic Institute of Aoteaora New Zealand (TCI)

Click here for a message to students from the directors of Good Shepherd College and The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Launch of Dr Sarah Hart’s book

On July 30  the launch of Dr Sarah Hart’s new book took place at Good Shepherd College. A good number of colleagues and friends came for the occasion. The book is titled: From Temple to Tent, From Real to Virtual World (Exodus 24:15 – Numbers 10:28). The book was published this year, 2019, by ATF Press Publishing of Adelaide and is based on Dr Hart’s PhD thesis.

The work focuses on the tabernacle tent as described in the books of Exodus  and Numbers, and the impact of this on Israelite worship – the cultic place, the cultic people, and laws for the regulation of cultic life.

Congratulations Graduates of 2019

Good Shepherd College congratulates those who graduated with the Bachelor of Theology and Graduate Diploma in Theology on 7 June 2019.

Courses Taught in Semester One 2020

The lecturers and courses for 2020 have now been organised!

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Courses Taught in Semester Two, 2020

The papers for 2020 , Semester two are found by following this link.

Papers for Semester 2 in 2020